When did I first pick up a camera? and what made me fall in love with photography?
My first camera was one of those disposable 35mm cameras you could get at the grocery store and have developed in an hour or less - big 1990s tech. 
One holiday gathering, I was maybe asking too many questions about the football game, and giving a lot of commentary for an 8 year old who did not understand sports. In a moment of genius, one of the adults handed me a camera, and said I should get pictures of everyone for the photo album.

Me? they wanted me to get the pictures for the family album?
What an honor. And when we got the pictures back, everyone was a little impressed. I had actually taken some good photos. I hadn't wasted any frames on silly things, or only gotten pictures of the other kids... I had understood the assignment, and the photos were happily added to my grandmother's photo album.

Something in my little brain was like, "wait a minute? all those pictures in magazines and billboards, somebody took those photos" ...maybe someone just like me - so could I take photos for other people for my job someday?
Maybe I could help others capture their family moments, or just fun pictures of themselves like the fashion photos in Seventeen Magazine and Teen Vogue, or maybe go to far away places and take photographs of the world for National Geographic!
A photographer was born.
Why has photography been so important to you? 
Like many an artist, it has taken me a little while to feel confident about my work, and put it out there in the world. But after years of working in hospitality and customer service, when everything was shut down and I had to really think about what I hoped my future would look like - I knew it was time to take the leap to professional photography, and so here we are - Loren Kmp Photography. 

I believe portrait photography is an act of preserving memories and highlighting community. I believe a portrait can be an act of self care and love. An affirmation and a confirmation of this moment in your life.
A good photographer can do that for you, and I hope that great photographer is me.
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